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Welcome to the new blog. I used to write about programming over at http://codeimpossible.com but I've been meaning to branch out and share more about the other things I'm interested in.

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I've written this sort of post like a dozen times. Kicking off a new blog, talking trash about the previous blog, and all the things that were not great there, and then explaining how this new blog is going to be different. How all the problems would be fixed in this new space I am creating.

The problem was that really the only thing that changed was either the domain name, or maybe the blog software being used.

This left me feeling pretty unsatisfied with the writing I was putting out. I loved talking about programming but it was only one dimension of me. Also, I kinda feel like it's been becoming a smaller and smaller portion of who I am over the years and the passion for writing about it has just... evaporated.

Over the years whenever I would get into a rut like that I would chalk it up to writer's block, and try to change up the blog a bit to renew my interest in it. Change the theme (themes are like crack for bloggers), change the blogging software, change the host, do anything other than try to focus on the real problem: the content. I had never tried simply writing about something else.

But not just anything else, the stuff that excites me: Movies, Games, Food, Technology and whatever else piques my interest long enough for me to write about it. All of the stuff that makes me me.

I can only just write about programming so much.

I honestly never thought the day would come where I would be sort of sick of talking about programming, but that day is sort of here.

Meet the new blog

So yeah, "Hello", welcome. Welcome to the site. I've been meaning to do this for a while now, and I'm honestly pretty excited to finally be unveiling this thing.

So subscribe, follow me on whatever social media you want and let's raise a toast to what I hope for me is a brave new world of writing.

fancy-me Cheers!

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